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Happy Birthday, Dr!

Kinetic Xenlab

A special birthday set that was recorded last year. Please enjoy this intimate portrait of my inner life. These are the tracks that I usually don’t play for anyone, and mean a great deal to me, as each one speaks to me on a very deep level.

It was podcast on the site, as well as a different (and shorter version) - one that was was originally posted here - was also made available last January.

For the first time, it is made available here in its entirety.


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Tracklist after the jump

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Hell Cave Rave Music

Deep in the darkest pits of your imagination, lies a dormant force. A force more sick and violent than your own conscious mind will even dare let you dream of during your waking hours. And only one thing can at once raise such a force, and subdue it. The thump of the kick. The clang of the cymbal. The click of the snare. These things make up what the beasts call the beat. Only the beat can tame your murderous rage, your shameful guilt, and your naked terror.
Welcome to the Hell Cave Rave, Halloween 2007.

Hell Cave Rave

<insert evil laugh here>

dr.xnlb proudly presents,

hell cave rave music, an extended halloween podcast. 2 hours of soul crushing mischief. Some tracks are as old as Cthulhu itself, while others are new gods, here to rock your brain pan and sock your spirit - right in its weak little gut.

Turn back now.

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Tracklist available after the jump.

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Straight From The Vault: Fancy Torture Chamber

We Eat Our Own

Out of all the halloween mixes I’ve done. This is the only one that’s ever been recorded. I hope to correct this by recording all 5 sets from the Demonic DJs (including yours truly) spinning (hard drive) platters at my annual Halloween Party. Central Florida readers should email for an invite.

Move along to the original post, for more info and the track listing, or just download it already.

Straight from the Valut: xenlab - Live at Natura - Nov 9, 2004

xenlab playing a hybrid live pa/dj set at natura coffee house - 11.18.2004

This is a noisy hybrid live pa/dj set in the snugglish style. Lots of glitchy tones, and densely layered samples, and a nod or two to this set. It was an experiment performed and recorded at natura coffee and tea in Orlando, FL - Nov, 9, 2004.

The sound quality is shit. That was just my PC being overloaded by multiple open windows of traktor, ableton, itunes, windows media player, and quicktime. and probably a loose cord in there somewhere. whew.

Special Thanks to Andy (hi-dm) for inviting me out to play this with him.

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