Monthly Archive for May, 2005

venture open (chicken out)

dark and brooding like an ex-raver fed up with the undanceability of most modern IDM music, this compu-hyper-global-mega-net mix is at once both a big fuck-you to the IDM nay-sayers calling for it’s death (which may be more than a little bit true), as it is a dirty triumph of dance music as a whole. the mix digs deep into the vault and pulls out all of the tracks that made me take a double-take while on my iPod’s rotation. who knew those tracks i had been earmarking for my next dj set would fit together so well? all of these songs have one thing in common, a pounding desire to make you shake your ass, as well as cause your brain to jump-up and say hell-yeah! with all of the power contained in the dopey rhythms of IDM’s back side, with a little adult swim playfulness thrown in for good measure.

this mix was performed live at knock knock on 5.25.2005.

download mix

  1. venture brothers - open
  2. autechre - rpeg
  3. the orb - asylum (blood sugar’s mix)
  4. kid606 - whereweleftoff (droolstring ukelelea remix by twerk)
  5. autechre - sublimit
  6. cb4 vs kid606 - straight outta lo cash
  7. aqua teen hunger force - theme (remix 2)
  8. mc pee pants - i want candy
  9. hexstatic - distorted minds (zero db vox)
  10. jason forrest - inkhuk
  11. mother’s finest - dis go dis way, dis go dat way
  12. aphex twin - come to daddy (little lord faulteroy mix)
  13. venture brothers - close
  14. robot chicken - out