Air Piano

No, it’s not the next big fake musician craze. We’ll leave that to wanna-be guitarists (besides the legions playing Guitar Hero, natch.) Its a set of infrared sensors that allow you to create a number of keys, at various levels, that trigger different notes.


Omer Yosha the creator has this to say about his prototype:

The concept behind the AirPiano is having a matrix in the air, with virtual keys & faders. The location of each key must be very clear for the user and easily learnt. The AirPiano is therefore only one example of an application that could adopt this concept. Since it is only the first prototype i built, it features at the moment a matrix with 3 layers, 8 keys for each layer. As long as a key is triggered, a note plays and an LED underneath the virtual key turns on…

Spotted on CDM

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