The Yellow Album

“The Yellow Album” is the first full-length album produced and performed entirely on the Korg Kaossilator device. No other effects, EQ or sounds were added. The audio was digitally recorded directly off the unit and the only external editing performed involved simple volume balancing. The musical challenge was to attempt to make the two-bar loop limitation of the on-board phrase recorder sound less repetitious by playing the touchpad live, solo-style, over the loops during the recording.

If you, like me have been wanting to get and idea of what the kaossilator could do… here is the answer, Gary Kibler’s Yellow Album. You can hear the whole thing in the embedded player (after the jump). More on his reverb nation page and on CDM.

Not bad for a demo of what this machine can do. I may just pick up a kaossilator - sooner, rather than later.


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  • wow….hard to believe this was created with one device. And one person. Amazing. I loved watching the youtubes on this thing. Now, if they can only invent a robot to play it, we’ll have the problem solved! :) I don’t know much about the electronics of this device, but I imagine it to have some flash memory that’s perhaps re-writtable. That’d be wicked awesome, but maybe that’s for the next album. Hehe. I’m going up to NYC in two days; I’m going to go see if I can score me one!!! Ya! dave

  • I forgot to add: Thanks for streaming the album!!!

  • My pleasure Dave. Thanks for commenting! I still want one of these things.

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