You should come hear me play at Stardust on Nov 30, 2009

Nov 30, 2009 - Stardust Coffee and Film

Nov 30, 2009 - Stardust Coffee and Film

Possibly one of my last show’s in Orlando before I take flight to the Windy City. R_Garcia and alGARhythm will be throwing down the beats as well.

Cut Up Kids

dr.xnlb, alGARhythm, and Pan/Dos - Live at BarCampOrlando3

BarCampOrlando3 - Official After Party

I’m playing the BarCampOrlando3 Official After Party, on April 18th 2008. Its a bit of an earlier show. I’m closing out the night for headliners alGARhythm and Pan/Dos. dj[hexWarrior] opens up the show with a Nerdcore set. More details on the BarCampOrlando blog.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program

Hello Earth People!

After many moons of being f’d one way or another, is now back in working order. The theme I was using has gone out of existence, and so needed to be rebuilt.

Now that the site is back up and running, I promise to post more regularly.

Thanks for sticking with me.